Senior-friendly spaces through technology: Knowledge from the BaltSe@nioR 2.0 project

2 min readDec 31, 2021


BaltSe@nioR 2.0 project partners
BaltSe@nioR 2.0 project partners

Ryann Deloso, one of the founders of MeCare Oy, participated in the recently culminated BaltSe@nioR 2.0 Project at the University of Skövde in Sweden on December 15, 2021. Deloso, who is also a project researcher at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in Pori, Finland, was part of a multidisciplinary and multicultural team working on the project.

The BaltSe@nior project provided a breeding ground for collaboration between different stakeholders (municipalities, universities, businesses, NGOs) from all eight Baltic Sea Region countries and Russia to help the region address the challenge of aging by making public spaces accessible and senior-friendly through furniture design and technologies.

Smart furniture prototypes

Ryann Deloso presenting smart furniture prototypes developed at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Pori, Finland
Photo: University of Skövde

Deloso, a Master in Welfare Technology, presented the prototypes for senior-friendly smart furniture developed at SAMK. These include the Magic Mirror, which has a computer display and can be operated by voice command; the Smart Cushion, which allows users to play exergames in a tablet computer while sitting; and the Smart Tablecloth, which uses RFID and NFC technologies allowing users to read a restaurant’s menu in different languages and also have it read aloud.

Other interesting senior-friendly technologies

In addition to the prototypes from Finland, there were other various technological solutions installed at Skaraborg Health Technology Center at University of Skövde that can help seniors live independently, safely and securely.

Video thumbnail for Smart Apartment in University of Skövde
See video of the smart apartment:

Among the interesting technological solutions were the smart toilet bowl, which allows users to wash and dry themselves independently, and a monitoring system that allows caregivers to track the person’s activities in an apartment via sensors in furniture and kitchen appliances.

Take away knowledge

There is no doubt that technology is penetrating both public spaces and our private homes. If implemented properly, these technological solutions could increase the independence of people, especially seniors, who might need assistance to live at home. MeCare encourages and promotes the use of these technologies. We believe that with the right nursing skills and know-how, these technologies can be a great tool to promote and improve the quality of life for many potential users.

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